Saturday, October 14, 2017

Overheard at the Pharmacy

Mother with a young son: "Hi, we need to get a flu shot."

Pharmacy tech: "Both of you?"

Mother: "No, just him. I already accidentally got mine, so I don't need one today."

Pharmacy tech (blank stare)

Mother: "My husband was giving our horse a flu shot and accidentally stabbed me in the arm with the syringe."

Mike (internally): "How...what...?" (pulls out phone and immediately texts Cait)

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Bats Bats Bats

For FHE, we made some Halloween bats! We learned a little about them while we made them (and we're not sure if we're more or less weirded out...?). O took the whole thing very seriously, and I love their similar concentrating faces.

Mike hung our bats. O, of course, wanted the big googely eyes.

Things are looking spooooky!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Pulling up Tomatoes

M: "Hey, Cait. We need to pick all the tomatoes and pull up the plants."

C: "Really? Why?"

M: "It's supposed to freeze this week."

C: "The weather has been so nice! Who told you it was going to freeze?"

M: "Who do you think told me it was going to freeze? Who would tell me we needed to pull up all our tomato plants because it's going to freeze?"

Cait got his hint and laughed.

(We have a lovely, lonely, bored 70-year-old neighbor who doesn't have a lot to worry about. Except us and what we're doing and where we're parking and when we're coming and going. All day. Every day. She is well intentioned, if a little invasive.)

So we pulled up the tomato plants. The vines were probably 8 feet long...and we had dozens of tomatoes!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Pullman Sunset

It was almost as good as our NM sky.

I actually enjoy this once-a-month commute.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


We went to the river trail for a run, and O insisted on getting out of the jogging stroller and running himself. He went for a good 10 minutes, which is pretty impressive. It helped when we found ourselves in the middle of a 5K Fun Run--O would point to each runner passing us and yell, "Catch this guy!" and run faster to keep up.

These moments make my heart happy.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

September Books

Images from

I read The Romanov Sisters on my mom's recommendation and it was quite good. There were a few places that were a little repetitive (as I'm sure some people would think if I wrote a book from my journals). I really came to admire the Romanov family, and I am sorry they ended up on the wrong side of history.

This wasn't my typical fare, but that's why I'm in book clubs, right? Widen my scope?

Except not with this.

It starts with "A glowing sun-orb fills an August sky the day this story begins, the day I am born, the day I begin to live."

*Eyeroll. "Sun-orb"?? Someone is trying a little too hard. But I'll allow it for now. She's got quite a few pages here to get better...

Then, I kid you not, the second sentence starts, "And I fill my mother's tearing ring of fire--" HARD STOP. Nope. Not doing it. Not reading any more. The end. I'll find gratitude somewhere else being eternally grateful I didn't read any more of this book.

I think this is probably in the running for the most wonderful book title this year. It gives me goosebumps. This book was an eye-opener for sure. I knew very little about the Syrian conflict, and this provided the background and the current events through the narrations of numerous eyewitnesses. It makes me sick that such things go on in our world, and I cannot imagine all the sacrifices they have made to flee their homes. This book has definitely increased my compassion.

I enjoyed this book immensely! Atwood has retold The Tempest as a-play-within-a-play, so anything you know about it will increase your enjoyment of the book. We have an unreliable, obsessive narrator, we have funny, lovable prisoners, we have justice and a happy ending. All-around good stuff.

This is based on a TED talk the author gave in her home country of Nigeria. There are a few things that are culturally specific, but a lot of it applies to everyone. She argues that feminism allows women and men to express themselves, in feelings and actions, more freely than our constructed norms, which is better for everyone in the long run. I love her stuff.

Mike and I listened to this on our latest road trip. I remember very distinctly loving this and all of L'Engle's books as a middle-schooler. There were moments I found that feeling again, but I found myself being much more critical as an adult, pointing out plot holes and places I felt were inconsistent or unnecessary or just weird. I love the message in the children can find solutions to their own problems, conquering evil and fear with love and light. Maybe this will resonate again with me when I read it to my children.

These stories were from Terry Pratchett as a young author writing short stories for a particular publication, and I loved them. Completely off-the-wall, tongue-in-cheek, with still a moral or two in the mix. I particularly loved the story of the people from one speck going over to claim with speck before the rival country. This was a nice way to end my days.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Did we really look like that?! (A Post by Mike)

I came across our family photo today, and I was impressed by how good we all look. 
It's hard to believe this photo was taken only a year and a half ago....

We all look so little and young back then, I hardly recognize Owen. I might be biased, but I think Caitlin is just as beautiful today as she is in this photo. #memories #goodoldtimes

On a completely unrelated note,
I am enjoying all the free time I have now that I'm done with school.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

REACH Museum

We took advantage of Museum Free Day and visited the REACH Museum around the corner.

The museum had a big fish tank by the front door, so O got excited right off the bat. As it turns out, that was the highlight of the museum for him and that's where he wanted to stay.

We went through a geology exhibit and then a wildlife/ancient inhabitants exhibit.

Running is his thing these days. Running everywhere he goes.
This is a baby woolly mammoth.
Oh, wait, maybe this was the best part of the museum.(This is how you make an exhibit on regulations exciting. Dredging!)
The other exhibit was about nuclear weapons and the work done at Hanford during the Cold War.

Such interesting headlines...

O pointed at Uncle Sam's goatee and said, "Eating an ice cream cone!"
It's interesting to see all the photos of what used to be there.
We love our family selfies.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Sometimes you have a miscarriage and your parents send you flowers.

Sometimes your grandma has a stroke and things look touch-and-go. Sometimes you can't seem to get that one health problem to a point that life feels stable. Sometimes you worry about your work or are struggling to find a new job or can't seem to make ends meet. Sometimes you're in a new place or dreading a new job or even just feeling left behind. Sometimes you just want life to be something other than what it is. Life brings us so many difficult, painful things.

Whatever it is, you can call me, if you want. Sometimes it helps to really cry about something for a little while. It's ok to grieve, it's ok to cry, it's ok to feel things might not ever be fine again.

Eventually, we'll reach out to Him and He will help us work through the heartache. Time will help heal a little. Faith will heal a little. Things will get better.

But you can call me in the meantime.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Song About...Construction Trucks?

O keeps requesting a particular song on Mike's party playlist...but we think he thinks it's about something else.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Tillamook 2017

In June, Heather said, "Hey, let's plan a trip to the coast!"  Cait said, "Sure!" and then Heather did all the work to plan the perfect day in Oregon. It was so lovely.

On the drive there, we passed through the Eagle Creek Fire and noticed (if you look reeaaaallly closely) these brown patches in the trees. Those are spider webs, my friends. Giant spider webs. We think they may be going up the trees to get away from the fire. Or they're just starting to take over the world. Scary either way.
First, we hiked up Munson Creek Falls. The rest of the trail was closed, but we got close enough to get a good view.

Some of us were more ready to hike than others.

This forest was gorgeous!

The kids liked to watch the banana slugs. Ew.

Next, we passed a dahlia farm that Caitlin has decided is her new dream and went to Short Beach.

Mike already finding cool rocks.

H was so cute and loved taking pictures with me!

O didn't want a selfie...too busy making a "house".
Digging in the sand...

Rocks, rocks, rocks.

We found a very large crab.

And only Baby D wanted to touch him, though. O and H weren't impressed.

We left the beach to grab some lunch and take a quick walk around Cape Meares while the kiddos napped in the cars.


We then went back to Short Beach to find some tide pools and watch the beginnings of the sunset.

Boys digging holes...

We stopped and picked some blackberries on the ride back to the house. The little helpers were really excited about them.

They're so cute.
 The next morning was raining quite a bit, so we went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory.

This sign was hilarious. I think the cows got the best end of the deal. Most of their day was "resting and ruminating".
Ice cream!

We will definitely be back, Tillamook!


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